term & conditions (T&C)

Terms & Conditions


Clean4u cleaning company 

538 warrigal rd. Eight Mile Plains

These terms and conditions constitute the full and complete service agreement (the “Agreement”)
Between you (the “Customer”) and 

Clean4u cleaning company 

538 warrigal rd. Eight Mile Plains

1. Service guarantee

Our ‘100% Satisfaction Guarantee’ is valid for 7 days after completion. If for some reason the work does not pass your satisfaction, the customer is required to lodge this within 5 days. clean4u will organise its representatives to return to rectify any issues without charge. Normally this process occurs within 24-48 hours of formal notification.

Before rectifications works commencing, the Customer is required to provide the job sheet containing the clear list of works to complete. This document must be issued by the Real Estate or Landlord. Our scope of works does not cover dust settlement that occurs normally between time of service and reinspection. Note that accumulation of dust over time is considered normal and activities such as ‘open homes’ are likely to speed up this process.

2. Job quotations

For quotes provided without inspections, the quote is only an ‘estimate’ based on the information available at the time. The basis of this estimate is an ‘average room sizes in a property left in a reasonable state of cleanliness’. The quotation is subject to change for the following reasons: state of property not as expected; customers original requirement are altered; variations to the condition or size. Any of these reasons constitutes the booking to be altered by mechanisms of: re-scheduling; cancellation, at the discretion of clean4u

3. Variation rates

For any variation works, additional charges apply. Variation works are charged at A$40.00 per hour, per clean4u representative. Cause of variation works include:
a) Property that has not been regularly cleaned or neglected in a way that requires extends the duration of normal maintenance activities;
b) Property that have had pets, small children;
c) Property with excessive wear and tear;
d) Large sized dwellings with five (5) or more bedrooms; more than three (3) bathrooms; multiple living areas;
e) Additional travel charges for collection and returning of keys;
f) Time wasted due to difficulties accessing the property;
g) Requirement to carry heavy equipment to higher apartments / floors;
h) Requirement to move any furniture in order to complete works;
i) Customer should provide parking or pay for parking charge if required.

4. Bond cleaning

Bond cleaning excludes the following items which may be conducted for an agreed ‘extra’ cost:
a) Washing walls [i];
b) Dusting or wiping or washing of blinds or curtains [ii];
c) Whitegoods cleaning (e.g. fridge, washing machine);
d) Upholstery cleaning;
e) Ceiling(s);
f) Grout cleaning (floor);
g) Garage door and walls
h) Gardening or weeding;
i) Rubbish removal;
j) High pressure cleaning (outside windows / external house washing).

5. Bond cleaning (fully furnished)

For bond cleaning of fully furnished properties wiping of furniture and appliances (e.g. coffee table, microwave, fridge etc) is included. The service excludes cleaning of kitchenware (e.g. cutlery) and linens (e.g. bed sheets).

6. Carpet cleaning

Our standard steam carpet cleaning will remove dirt, grime and dust from every day foot traffic and most clear liquid spills. Extra charges may apply to heavily soiled carpets. Our best effort will be made to clean the carpets, but the result will vary from carpet to carpet, and the result will be dependent on a number of factors beyond the control of clean4u and that we give no guarantee as to the actual result of the service. Please note that any wear or discolouring of fabric or surfaces becoming more visible once dirt has been removed. Some stains that are deemed permanent may not respond satisfactorily to any treatment. For this reason we do not guarantee removal of permanent stains.

7. Payment

At the commencement of service all payments must be made in cash or by bank transfer:
a) Cash  payments may be made directly to a clean4u representative at the commencement of the service; 

b) Bank transfer may be made but transactions must be cleared prior to the commencement of service;

copy of receipt must provide

c) If any extra payment is required, the payment must be made in full prior to or at the time of service.

7-1 Payment Terms 

a) The Customer agrees to pay the estimated price quoted by clean4u in full prior to or at the Service Time, unless otherwise agreed in advance with clean4u.

b)  If no payment has been made by the Service Time, clean4u will use reasonable endeavors to contact the Customer for payment. In the event that clean4ucannot contact the Customer or payment is not made by the Service Time, the Customer will be deemed to have cancelled the Service, and the Customer must pay any cancellation fees or charges due set out in clause . If the customer fails to make payment and the services have been carried out reserves the right to charge 10% surcharge during the first 5 days, thereafter legal action may be pursued.    

c) Customers payments to a One Off cleaning job must be settled in cash on the day. If cash payment is not received on the day, a surcharge of 10% will be enforced – If the customer fails to settle the payment within 5 working days, clean4u have the right to send the customers file to a debt collecting agency.

d) clean4u are only subject to clean the general areas of a property, we do not provide services such as rubbish removals etc, if a customer wishes for any additional jobs like this then clean4u have the right to charge extra on top of the original fixed price.

  7-2 Late Payment FeeI.

a) Where clean4u has agreed to invoice the Customer for payment of fees after the Service has been completed, the Customer agrees to pay in full, all fees due, within 4 days of the invoice date. first late payment fee is $45

b) The Customer agrees that if clean4u has not received payment in full for the Service within one calendar month of the original invoice date then a late payment fee of 10% will be charged for every month unless alternative arrangements can be made with the accounts department.

c) In addition to the amounts set out above, the Customer agrees to indemnify clean4u for all legal costs (on a solicitor and own client or full indemnity basis, whichever is greater) and other expenses incurred by clean4u in connection with a demand, action, or other proceeding (including mediation, out of court settlement or any action taken for recovery of debt from the Customer) arising out of a breach of these terms including the failure by the Customer to pay an amount by the due date.

d) clean4u reserves the right to report any non-payment to either a collection agency and or is not limited to also report non-payment to the Rental Tenancies Authority (RTA) and or your property agent at its sole discretion and in doing this may affect your credit rating and or ability to seek rental properties in the future.

  •   Non-appearanceIf a Cleaner fails to attend the Premises within 1 hour of the Service Time and does not provide the requested Service, clean4u will provide the Customer with either:I.    A full refund of payments made by the Customer; orII.    Offer to reschedule the Service at another time mutually agreed between the Customer and AC.

8. Cancellation & Reschedule Fee

In order to provide a professional service and to avoid any business disruption caused by no-shows, and short notice cancellations; the minimum cancellation notice period is 48 hours. If for any valid reason you require the booking to be adjusted, please contact us as soon as possible to determine the most suitable accommodation.

Conditions for failure to meet notification periods are listed below:
a) When customer fails to provide 48 hour cancellation notice period, the Customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee of $100;
b) In the event that customer does not appear or does not provide unencumbered access to the premises for a clean4u representative on the day of the service, the customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee of $100 for administrative and travel costs that is equivalent to our minimum call out fee;
c) If the property is not ready for the cleaning at the service time including tenant still in the process of moving, the customer agrees to pay $40 per hour, per representative of disruption caused or cancel, the customer agrees to pay a fee of $100 for administrative and travel costs that is equivalent to our minimum call out fee.

9. Health and safety risks

In addition to the obligations and warranties set out in clause 3 above, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that:
a) The Cleaner is entitled to undertake a job safety analysis before the commencement of any work to assess the health and safety risk at the Premises;
b) The Cleaner may, either before or during the provision of the Service not provide or cease the provision of the Service where carrying out the Service presents, in the absolute discretion of the Cleaner, a risk to health and safety.

10. Accidents, breakage, damage

clean4u will inform the customer of any incident where any accident, breakage, damage to property. clean4u will not be held responsible for repair or replacement of items broken or damaged due to pre-existing wear and tear, incorrect installation, assembly or usage. For any personal properties that are left behind within ‘waste’, clean4u  will not be held accountable for their accidental loss when disposed with waste products.

[i] To clean walls for the purposes of a bond clean, we do spot clean only to remove marks – Additional charges may apply if walls are badly marked, or excessively stained as they may require extra cleaning time[ii] Blind cleaning is not included in our standard bond cleaning service. Dirty or greasy blinds take a lot longer. In this case, bringing them to the standard required to pass a cleaning inspection will require a lot more work and thus additional charges may apply. If the blinds are badly soiled or there is a lot of mould present on the blinds they may need to be cleaned by Professional Blind Cleaning Company